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Stadium Dogs, 1978

The STADIUM DOGS had the following Band members:

  • CHIP BAILEY, (Drums, original drummer)
  • JONATHAN PERKINS, (Keyboards and Vocals)
  • KEVIN WILKINSON, (Drums, took over from Stan Pearce))
  • KIRK THORN, (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals)
  • PAUL GRIFFITHS, (Lead Guitar and Vocals)
  • PETE COUSINS, (Bass)
  • STAN PEARCE, (Drums, took over from Chip Bailey)

During the late Seventies STADIUM DOGS were an ‘art punk’ band in the Swindon area which achieved cult status locally.

They released the following recordings in 1978:

  • Easy Beat, 7″ (Magnet 114 and Autogenic A17)
  • Love On The Airwaves, 7″ (Magnet 135)
  • What’s Next, LP (Magnet 5025)

KEVIN WILKINSON was rated as one of the finest drummers of his generation, who was in demand on both sides of the Atlantic. He played with many of the big-name bands, including China Crisis, Squeeze (!995/6), The League Of Gentlemen (1980) and the Waterboys (1983/4) and the Proclaimers. In 1998 he undertook an Eighties revival tour of the United States with stars of that decade, including Cuture Club, Human League and Howard Jones.

Kevin Wilkinson was born in Stoke-on-Trent 11/6/1958 and died at the family home in Baydon, Wiltshire 17/7/1999 (he committed suicide by hanging himself).